Elevating food to get more from life

smoothie cubes

Easily eat more fruits, vegetables and superfoods with our delicious and unique frozen smoothie cubes. With 3-4 portions in every wheel, you’ll enhance your morning routine and daily wellness with a high-quality breakfast smoothie that you can prep without a blender! All our blends are organic, plant-based, & gluten-free with zero added sugar.


A smoothie prep that’s quick & easy

Pop ‘em

Run the wheel under water for a few seconds and pop the cubes in a mason jar or bottle.

Cover ‘em

Add your liquid of choice. We recommend plant-based milk or water.

Shake ‘em

Get on with your morning routine and shake once the cubes have melted. Enjoy!

Healthy food made easy

To ease our hectic mornings, I discovered a way to meal-prep my smoothies by making big portions of my favorite recipes and then freezing and cutting them into cubes. From that moment on, Dom and I’s passion became our mission; elevating food to improve our community’s well-being. With our revolutionary frozen cubes, we’re transforming North America’s freezers into a healthy destination.

Key Benefits

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